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Liu Nan began to study Chinese brush painting and calligraphy at a very young age in Tianjin, China. At the age of 16, Nan has named the winner of the prestigious title, “Young Artist of Tianjin” by the Cultural Committee of Tianjin City. In 1992, he was admitted to the Oriental Art Department of Nan Kai University and began to study Chinese brush painting. Among his many teachers, he was most influenced by the renowned contemporary Chinese painter Fan Zeng, especially by his use of simple and vigorous brush strokes and dynamic delineation of form. In 1996, Nan continued his graduate study in Art Education at Capital Normal University in Beijing. In 1999, Nan came to the United Stated and studied Art Education at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in pursuit of his Master of Arts degree.

In 2002, Nan began his pursuit of a dual degree that included both a Master of Fine Art degree in painting and a Ph.D in art education at Florida State University. As a young emerging artist, Nan has explored various art forms in recent years, including drawing, watercolor, tempera and oil painting. The subjects range from still life, figures, and landscape. Nan’s artworks demonstrate the spirit in traditional Chinese art and promote natural and simple artistic expression and nature has consistently served as the main theme in his works in recent years.

 Nan’s artworks have been exhibited across the United States among public institutes, museums, and galleries. Many of his paintings and drawings were collected by private patrons. Nan has won several juried exhibitions and shows both in Arkansas and in Florida during his tenure as a student in both cities. In 2005, Nan was awarded the Mario Plescia Award for painting by Florida State University.

Nan has given presentations on the subject of Chinese Art, especially Chinese brush painting and calligraphy, across the country among universities, museums, public schools, conferences and symposiums. Nan had taught art classes for all age-level groups and has worked with young students from kindergarten to high school, college students, and senior citizens. Nan currently resides in Tallahassee, Florida, with his wife, Haiqiong Deng, and their young son, Ethan. Nan is currently the visiting professor teaching drawing, painting and art education classes at Department of Visual Arts, Florida A&M University.

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