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Artist Statement

My recent oil paintings reflect my experiences in Tallahassee, Florida and in a greater sense, the entire southern region of the United States. In my landscape series, I seek to express the joyous sensations I feel from the natural world, especially in the many undisturbed and undestroyed locales.

The “Sunshine State” has offered me an entirely new perspective on the value of the untouched and pristine. Growing up in a large metropolitan city in north China, crowded with millions of people and an increasingly obliterated natural environment due to modern urbanization, I rarely glimpsed the world that opened up to me in Florida. I remember how, when I left my home in China, I could barely see the blue sky which existed there only ten years ago. The “Drastic Urbanization” since the early 1990s had changed my familiar living space into a construction site and my connections to the natural world were almost too easily forgotten.

While here in North Florida I enjoy the rich natural beauty of the lakes, gardens and national parks. I enjoy the quietness, the purity, and the open natural space. It has culminated in a new awakening to the value and varied beauty that sits waiting around us. This is expressed in a series of self-portraits where I have placed myself in a variety of natural environments; wood and grass fields…I try to guide the spectators to pay attention to this quiet, co-existing reality in our daily lives that is too easy to overlook amid the bustle. I want my spectators to themselves feel reawakened and to cherish the intact natural landscape.

© 2009 Liu Nan.