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Teaching Philosophy

As an educator, I believe that one of my most essential goals is to provide students the basic knowledge and skills that form a strong foundation for their future in the arts. It is only through a nuanced and practiced method that students that can gain the core skills that will allow them to develop more fully as artists.

In the studio classroom, my goal is to create a comprehensive and systematic learning environment where I share my personal experience in art and professional knowledge with students. Through demonstration, presentations, and one-on-one critique, I deliver instructional content to each student, and through group critique, students learn from each other. Based on each student’s interests, I try to help them better realize their own personal insights. Individuality and creativity are valued through ideas and concepts development.

I believe teaching painting and drawing is a balancing act between the concept and the techniques. In the beginning level of drawing and painting classes, I try to help my students build a solid foundation and introduce various mediums and techniques through different assignments. Additionally, I introduce the elements and principle of arts and design so that students learn the basic techniques and are forced to struggle with the medium to gain mastery.  At this point, they can start to express their ideas and concepts with the techniques they learned. In the advanced level, I attempt to help my students refine their techniques and make in-depth study, to explore, to find their own path in the art journey.

Meanwhile, in teaching painting and drawing, I believe that instructors must introduce both traditional and contemporary theories; both on concepts and techniques development because each of them represents a different aspect understanding of painting and drawing. Students will have a choice of which one will work for them in their art creation and can be better equipped to bring their vision to fruition.

Liu Nan Students Drawings and Paintings-Visual Arts Department, Florida A&M University-2007-2008

Liu Nan's Students' Drawings and Paintings Florida State university-Chinese School-Tallahassee-K-12 grade level-2003-2008

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